Kano Shouji Co., Ltd.

Hire Cab for VIP/Small Group
Charter Buses for Groups

Kano Shouji provides transportation services and sincerely welcomes visitors to Japan.

Let us make your trip to Japan enjoyable, safe, and comfortable.

Airport Pickup Service

Haneda Airport / Narita Airport ↔ Tokyo/distant area
Kansai Airport / Itami Airport ↔ Osaka/ Kyoto/ Kobe/ distant area

Welcome to Japan

Kano Kanko would help your great Japan trip by charter and supreme transportation.
We will do our best to support your wonderful trip.
We look forward to seeing you in Tokyo and Osaka.

*We are based in Haneda Airport, Narita Airport, Kansai International Airport, and Itami Airport.


We have a lineup of high-class vehicles, and our drivers will take you to your destination in safety.

【Multi Language Support】

English and Chinese are available, so please feel free to communicate with our drivers.。

Private Tours

Up to your travel plans,
We will provide you with the most suitable vehicle.

The Kansai area has variety of Japan’s famous historical points and tourist attractions.

We will make arrangement for your private time to meet your wants and plan.

Vehicle Lineup

For your safety and comfortable, Kano Kanko provides you a variety type of vehicles.

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